Relevant Contacts For  Sales

“Tap into data supremacy to unearth hidden opportunities and expedite business ROI growth”

As you move ahead in Sales and Marketing, you tend to come to the concurrence that having the right information, at the right time is perilous in building successful client or prospect connections.

SMARTe helps in delivering actionable data intelligence by giving you the complete information of your leads, hot prospects and clients. This information will help you in:-

  • Making more precise choices
  • Step ahead of your competition
  • Focus on more deal closures

Through our decades of domain expertise, we deliver high data accuracy like no one does in our space, helping you to focus on growing your business through copious routine and complex sales endeavors such as lead prospecting, account management, on-demand meeting planning, discovering new target audience, staying ahead of competitors. Let’s look in detail on how SMARTe does it:-

Lead Prospecting

A common problem statement that Sales has always had to tackle is the in-house data management system (CRM/MAP) isn’t pouring with updated database. We’ll help you to enrich these existing sales prospects and source new if required as per your criteria specified enabling you to focus only on up-to-date contacts for lead generation efforts.

Account Management

As is the case in Lead Prospecting, Account management is considered to be one of the most significant aspect of Sales strategy that can keep the revenue stream flowing for a company or organization. Through hyper-persona segmentation, we can play a crucial role by refreshing your existing clientele information which can help you in concentrating on better account planning and deal closures.

On-demand Meeting Information

Before you hop onto that client meeting, wouldn’t it be great if you can get a whole lot of additional information which can help you get on the call better or prepare a pitch with your prospects that can persuade them into making a decision? I know the answer would be a resounding – YES! We can certainly help you build robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data through our 250+ expert team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts who continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data that can assist you in making that correct pitch!