Named Account

Is it the only thing that your sales reps should care about? No right

Though leads are important, most of the sales leaders are shifting their focus from individual leads to a system of named accounts. A named account is a specific company or organization assigned to a rep, including multiple contacts within the company.

Many companies shy away from named accounts because it’s more difficult to set up in a CRM. However, it’s worth the effort. Instead of working a long list of unrelated leads, named accounts push reps to take responsibility for engaging multiple prospects within one company. It’s a much more effective way to sell to prospects, and gets results. Here’s why your sales team should stop chasing leads and start working named accounts.

Here in RC we help you to build, append and refresh your Named Accounts list, with our robust, methodical and systematic approach for contact database enrichment on a regular basis.

Through our team of domain experts combined with technology we shall validate all contact details to ensure they are most recent and complete. All you need to upload is your Named list research and we will do the rest for you:

  • CRM Data Cleansing and Data Structuring: your repository reflects relevant, customized and validated data only
  • Database Enrichment, and discovery of missing information e.g. Email Append, Phone Append
  • Standardize and clean-up contact entries
  • De-duplicate and merge duplicate records within the contact database
  • Monitor, update and enrich Contact Data on an ongoing basis
  • Replenish leads and prevent data decay of your database