Relevant Contacts For Marketing

“Accelerate your Marketing ROI through clean and context rich data”

Up-to-date contact data is vital for all marketing driven campaigns. The marketing team is always under pressure to deliver good quality leads to the Sales pipeline under minimum investments. Thus you are required to tactically focus and choose the right prospects in order for your campaign to churn out the desired ROI.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a fool proof system that made your data a little more reliable? Alas, this is difficult in the ideal world but you would certainly want to add on more quality data feeding your marketing campaigns regularly.

Through “Relevant Contacts” (RC) – our new revolutionary and game changing Enterprise DaaS platform, the marketers get the highest quality global prospect discovery with intelligent insights, real time enrich/refresh, real time tech install-base, targeted marketing lists, hyper persona segmentation and many more features for augmenting your regular marketing campaign strategies.

Let’s see how SMARTe has consistently helped marketers gain a foot hold in.

Increase Marketing Campaigns ROI

You’ll need good quality data first and foremost that can allow you to concentrate on your product messaging and positioning. Good quality data which is structured and stable can go a long way in making or breaking your campaign. Using SMARTe’s RC solution, once you define your criteria, you get an option to search and download the list of contacts right away in a structured manner which you can push into your CRM/Marketing Automation platform, thus enabling you to reap out positive campaign results.

More QUALITY than quantity for Sales

Be it post event follow-ups, lead nurturing, etc. the Sales team have traditionally always raised a concern on the data quality that their in-house CRM/MAP system has. This is where SMARTe can help. Our RC platform us intended to enrich/refresh your data real-time with correct details available, which will help Sales to follow quality rather than quantity.

Discovering new Target Audience

One of the key fundamentals of a marketing strategy is the development of an ideal prospect profile (IPP). If you can understand who makes your ideal prospect, allows you to shape your entire sales and business strategies around attracting and serving this narrowly defined prospect group. Through our extensive repository of multi-million contacts, you have the ability to search as per your desired combination from our rich set of industries/level/function. This will help you in figuring out your Total Addressable Market (TAM) for reaching out to different roles, geographies and industries, thus expanding your reach. We can also provide global contact discovery so that you can target and jump into new markets for Sales to pitch in.

Staying ahead of competitors

In this competitive world, it is important to know your competitors strategies and their way ahead so that you don’t stay behind. Through our decades of data understanding, we can confide a lot of untapped Data Strategies that you might have unheard of which can ultimately aid you in your company’s product positioning and in turn help in bringing more ROI from your marketing campaigns. We can provide details on your competitor/partner install base real-time. We offer deep down product selection feature and display the vast group of look-alike products; helping you to look forward to any competitive threats and plan your strategies.

“You can upsurge lead efficiency by having a revolutionary and game changing Enterprise DaaS platform – Relevant Contacts (RC) to support your analytics, segmentation and demand generation.”