List Build

Grow your business with the right set of contacts. Provide us with the attributes that define your target audience and we will provide you with companies and contacts that meet your specifications.

Our list build offering collates information from various web sources to deliver the highly accurate contact database available today. You can avail can highly accurate contacts to run targeted marketing campaigns by putting in your specific list of recipients, as per your business demands. Our 250+ expert team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data. With our robust 1000+ data/process rules, proprietary email finder/validator we identify all possible email patterns. Our consulting expertise in Data Audit/Data Strategy over last decade enables us to unravel look-alike customers, ensure data hygiene philosophy and identify low-hanging fruits.

You can classify and define specific industry customers and prospects.

What criteria’s will you need to put in RC?

  • Ideal prospect profiles based on geographies, role descriptions, titles, industry verticals, SIC codes, specific company focus, a subset of criteria, and others
  • Existing contact database (to enrich or suppress)

What we provide you

  • Customized List Building / List Research
  • Named List Research / Unnamed List Research
  • Opt-in data as per country specific requirements
  • Ability to search as per your desired combination from our rich set of industries/level/function.
  • No waiting period; ready-to-download the file right away once you define your criteria.