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Real Time Download/Refresh

As data becomes stale quite frequently, it needs regular enrichment so as to hit the desired campaign rate. While other products have generally proven to give a low refresh frequency, Relevant Contacts data is refreshed weekly, monthly and quarterly based on the country and region. This keeps data enriched/fresh in real-time and helps in attracting visitors within your pertinent target market with much better campaign hit rate. Not only this, you can search as per your criteria and download the data file anytime you desire, directly in a standard file, wherein you can pump it into your CRM/ marketing automation and run campaigns effectively.

Target Industries At Granular Level

A common problem with generic data products is that they do not provide granular industries, despite the robust industry coverage as data is not kept updated frequently. While other products provide a rudimentary tree structure, but the problem is users cannot search by keyword, or specialty. Relevant Contacts (RC) provides a rich set of industry tree where users get an option to drill down to primary and secondary industry segments. Additionally, there's an option to search companies with industry keywords as well.

Robust Level, Function Hierarchy

Most products in the market, tend to make the users do their own research to derive title variations of their ideal persona, while level / function granularity and sub functions are missing. They offer a flat structure, due to their inability to go beyond job titles and are prone to incorrect targeting. Relevant Contacts on the other hand, provides a strong Level/Function tree structure, along with an option to search by keyword. This ultimately allows the user to access a pool of diverse job titles which can help their campaigns strategies.

Tap Competitor/Partner Install Base

To stay ahead of the competition, you have to be abreast with the latest technology/ strategies that they are working on. With a combination of technology and domain expertise, we can provide details on your competitor/partner install base on a real-time basis. We also provide a deep down product selection feature and display the vast group of look-alike products; helping you to look forward to any competitive threats and plan your strategies.

Diversified Company Taxonomy

With our decades of deep domain expertise and 250+ strong team of SMEs, data analysts and validation experts, we normalize/dedupe our master database with exact taxonomy match in order to deliver highest quality global data. This enables us to provide you complete user level information with their headquarters or branch level contact/company details for your targeted marketing campaigns.

Provides Much Better Match Rate

With a combination of language translation, nick-name match, special characters translations, company match fuzzy logic and clear segmentation of global parent, subsidiary, branch etc., we are able to deliver higher data match rate like no one does in our space, resulting in better Data Enrich rate and successful business ROI, making it a win-win situation.

Relevancy Scoring

The robust relevancy scoring attribute, and our ability to go beyond job titles contributes to a thorough hyper persona segmentation; which can be keep your existing customers information updated with relevant data; in-turn help you to concentrate on better account planning and deal closures.

Rich Database Of Ontologies

Our know-how in the data industry has helped us in building a rich database of ontologies. This has enabled us to deliver multi-million global contact data through our flagship product named - Bespoke Contacts. This has helped make Relevant Contacts an ideal enterprise data discovery platform.