Is suppression free? What are the types of suppression available?
Free Suppression
  • email suppression is offered free of cost
  • all the contacts processed & downloaded from RC portal in the past one year are available for suppression at free of cost
Premium Suppression
  • Contact Suppression
  • Company Suppression
Why am I being charged for non-email suppression?
Suppression lists are usually old and outdated. As a process we append and then use the refreshed data for suppression and hence the append process incurs a charge for non-email suppression lists. Appended data can also be downloaded and used to keep your CRM updated. Please note you are charged only for the records that are mapped.
Do you support large suppression files?
Yes, we support large suppression files. If you face any errors while uploading the suppression file, please reach our Customer Success team at
What is maximum number of contacts that be downloaded per list?
  • 50,000 contacts can be downloaded per list
  • 100,000 records can be appended per list
What are the fields required to append a contact?
Contact Name, Company Name & Contact's Country are the fields required for append.
What is maximum number of contacts that can be uploaded for append?
RC allows you to request for appending 100,000 contacts per list. However if the requirement is higher, you can divide it in to multiple lists.

Fetching Data

I can see very few results in the search page, do you have any tips to improve my reach?
Yes, multiple criteria given by you are used to fetch the sample results. You can improve your contact reach by relaxing contact criteria with levels, functions, sub-functions and filter keywords.
What is level and function? How is a contact's level and function derived?
RC enables users to target their buyers beyond job titles. Using data rules, we have derived a level and function for every contact leveraging job titles and social profiles. Hence, you are not restricted to a list of job titles rather you search based on job role and responsibilities.
I did not find the desired level / function/ sub function? How do I proceed?
RC has an exhaustive list of levels, functions and sub functions. However users can use “Filter by keywords” functionality while defining contact criteria.
I do not know which function/sub-function to choose? Can you help?
The search functionality of the function will suggest you the list of suitable sub-functions based on the search keyword entered.
Can I target contacts by job titles and title keywords?
RC has an exhaustive list of levels, functions and sub functions. However users can use “Filter by keywords” functionality while defining contact criteria.
What are the reasons for low company match rate? How do I improve it?
Low company match rate could be due to non-standardized company names. RC has an extensive list of aliases for every company to address this problem. However, updating the proper company names for all the unmatched companies can improve their chances of being matched.
What is a typical match rate for append?
Append match rate is highly dependent on uploaded data quality, region and industry. You can expect matches going as high as 60% in ideal scenarios.
How do I request for contacts from a region (multiple countries) of the same named account?
Upload companies file with desired region and map it to its corresponding countries in the country mapping step.
Can I target companies of a domain/segment across industries?
Yes. RC enables you to target desired segment spanning across multiple industries by using “filter by keywords” functionality. For an example, you can download only ecommerce companies from the industries Retail, Apparel and F&B instead of downloading all companies of the each industry respectively.

Accounts & Billing

What are accepted modes of payment? Is there a contractual binding?
Yes, all RC users are required to sign a contract with SMARTe Inc. Currently RC accepts payments via Cheque, DD and Wire Transfer.
Do I have to pay for additional features in the future releases?
No, there are no extra charges for future upgrades. However, you will be charged as per the list based pricing of your edition.
Can I add more credits in to my current balance?
You can always request to prepone next quarter's invoice or request for an addendum to the existing contract.
How is pricing calculated?
Our pricing structure is very simple. We calculate the cost of each list based on number of records downloaded/processed.
How much does RC charge per contact? What are the pricing details?
Please contact our sales department at
What is the pricing structure for Tech Install?
For Tech Install, you will be charged a fee for every company discovered along with usual price of contacts discovered.

User Management

Can I create an admin? What are the special abilities for admins?
Yes, RC allows you to create admins with abilities of user management and account management.
Can I restrict users from viewing other user's lists?
Yes, you can restrict one user from viewing and downloading lists of other users.
I, as a user or an account owner, can be associated with multiple accounts?
Yes, RC allows single user to be associated with multiple accounts
How do I switch between accounts associated with me?
You can switch between accounts from the profile menu located at top right corner of the header.
Is budget allotment possible among the users of my account?
Currently, RC does not support budget allocation but this feature will be available in the next release coming in few months.


Since when has Relevant Contacts been operational?
SMARTe Inc. has been in business of building customized contact databases for their clients since its inception from 2006. Relevant Contacts is a new product venturing in to standard B2B data, which provides Sales and Marketing Intelligence via DaaS (Data as a service) delivery model.
Isn’t sharing the business contacts violating the privacy policy?
Sharing business contacts is not a violation of privacy because unlike personal information (your home address, home phone number, personal email address) and behavioral information (what websites you’ve viewed, what products you’ve purchased), business information isn’t private. Businesses depend on being able to efficiently contact each other for further commerce.
Do you provide facility to integrate with CRM systems like ‘Salesforce’, ’MS Dynamics’ or other marketing automation platforms like ‘Marketo’?
Currently, we do not have facility to integrate with either ‘Salesforce’ or other CRM systems like ’MS Dynamics’. But we intend to support this in future releases.
How do I get started creating an account?
Please contact our sales department at
How do I go about requesting a Free Trial? Can I use trial version?
Please contact our sales department at
Can I downgrade from one edition to another?
Downgrading from one edition to another is not possible.
How can I upgrade my edition?
Please contact our sales department at for a hassle-free upgrade experience.
Whom will I interact with during tenure of my subscription?
Our customer success team are available at for all product related queries and assistance.