Data Quality

“It’s not mandatory to move ahead with dirty data lying with you”

On the surface things might look good, but the truth is your data is most probably outdated and incomplete. Maintaining the data quality is the most important attribute about data. You have thousands and millions of data but if not quality data then it’s all a waste. Your efforts, your time and mainly your ROI is not as you expect.

Here at RC, you will have the best data quality amongst the industry standards,

• Ensures you have the highly accurate and current information available

• Boosts campaign effectiveness through improved targeting and deeper segmentation

• Provide much better match rate with the data universe 

Leveraging our unparalleled breadth and depth of business data, we transform information into insights you can use to make informed decisions by identifying the value of your business relationships.

Let’s have a look at how are we best in Data Quality from others

  • We leverage fuzzy logic match (Levenshtein distance algorithm & Double Metaphone algorithm) with phonetics for company match logic leading to better match rates.
  • With combination of language translation, nick-name match (Rick-Richard), special characters (ö, ü) translations, company match fuzzy logic and county HQ split enables us to deliver better data match resulting in better Data Enrich success rate
  • With deep domain expertise we normalize/dedupe our master database with exact taxonomy, user(s) will be provided with HQ or branch level contact/company details.

Accurate data helps increase marketing success, but it’s only part of the equation. You must also have the right data, so Sales and Marketing can focus on the leads that will drive more sales. Most of the companies spend millions of dollars to buy ‘so called quality lists’ from various providers who claim to provide clean and updated database. Add to this, millions of dollars are spent in running marketing campaigns based on the purchased list data which ultimately witnesses very low conversion rate.

Few of the B2B data provider have emerged since last decade who promise to delivery high quality data based on new marketing technology stack and claim to harness data science to provide elixir. But alas, this promise has remained only on paper and at best these fall in the category of ‘point fixes’ eluding enterprise growth. What is still surprising is: hundreds of millions of dollars are still budgeted to keep this old paradigm afloat as enterprises are in dire need of ‘data’ and ‘insights’.

Often companies require unique data sets or delivery mechanisms. With extensive domain knowledge and global relationships, our Data Services team offers a consultative approach that is flexible to your needs.